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Marefat High School

In 1994 Marefat High School started its first educational programs with the name of “Afshar Elementary School” in Rawalpindi Pakistan and continued its works till 1997 under this name. In 1997 the name of school was changed to Marefat High School through a proposal suggested by Hafizullah Abram & Najibullah Soroush, and authorized by...

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Marefat Civil Capacity Building Organization is a realization of a civilized, democratic, liberal, progressed and developed Afghanistan with a vibrant civil society. Promoting civil education among Afghan citizens, putting an end to violence against women and children and violation of their rights and civil rights of all the Afghan citizens...

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Marefat Literacy School

Within particular notion we open a window to sit in the driving world of English language. Students of MELP will spark like a star and will find their skills in which they are working in regularly in their classes. The Introduction of this system will be focused a lot on creating way to success with highly qualified teachers and experienced committee.

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