A baby girl

A baby girl

Bahara Sultani 8th B

۵ عقرب ۱۳۹۵

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Everywhere was quite. The moon and stars were shinning on the black sky. On that night, alley wasn’t crowded. A baby’s voice was destroying the quietness of night. A baby girl was born. Her parents were so happy. Ten years past and the girl became ten years old. She and her parents were lucky and they were a happy family. The girl’s father was a carpenter and he was working hard but he wasn’t sad because he had a kind wife who was near him in every situation and a beautiful girl who was the reason of his life. They were poor so they couldn’t send their daughters to school but the mother was able to teach the girl numbers and alphabet. One night the girl was sleep and her parents were in living room. Suddenly, two men broke the door and came in. They asked for money but the father didn’t have money. The girl’s mother had a ring in her finger. One of the men took it out wildly. That was just a common ring. The two men asked for money again. Finally, one of them fired at father. The mother shouted but that man fired at her and cut her voice. Those cruel men took something from house and escaped from there. The girl woke up because of gun’s sound. She went to living room and saw her father and mother’s corpses. There was too much blood around them. Their eyes were open but they didn’t move. The girl’s tear’s came down and she became alone forever.




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