A glance to the last year of Second Languages Department

A glance to the last year of Second Languages Department

 Habibullah Hasanzada, Head of English Department

۵ ثور ۱۳۹۵

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Language is a term most commonly used to refer to the spoken forms of communication ubiquitous among humankind. By the extension the term also refers to the type of thought process which creates and uses language. Essential to both meanings is the systematic creation, maintenance and use of systems of symbols, which dynamically reference concepts and assemble according to the structured patterns to form expressions and communicate meaning. Based on the mentioned definition for the language, teachers of this department had implemented the daily and year plans.  In addition, we had many participants on writing topics for the Marefat Monthly Magazine. They participated very actively on writing topics and sharing their writings on the magazine. Luckily, alongside finishing books and doing teaching plans successfully, we had some more achievements on other subjects as well.  EAP Department that included (English, Pashto and Arabic) structuralized their achievements in three categories.

Firstly, instructors enabled and activated students’ creativities in different fields; such as, creation of an active class environment for the students to creatively think about the issues of their minds.  Also, they instructed their students how to use from these three languages on the community. In fact, they convey their messages to the students to integrate with the reading, spelling, writing and other critical language arts stands. All teachers of this department grew their students in different aspects and students’ favorite sides. The teachers of EAP Department applied an active methods of teaching and behaved with their students in smooth behaviors. Beside to the teaching books, they used from variety of activities to stimulate students believes about the things that they have in their community and environment. Like, Political and emotional events and mutual interests.  Concisely, all the teachers of these three languages paved the way for their students to know what an active student means in a class. Students were involved on word web, flash card games. Fortunately, due to implementing above tasks and activities we all had an extraordinary outcomes from students at the end of last year.

Secondly, language outputs were another valuable achievements. All teachers of this department motivated students how to study book and how to apply a special theory for reading books, journals and articles. Besides working on four skills of these three languages, the teachers sustained the students about the social behaviors, mutual interests and valuable communications. As language is makeshift of communication, based on that all teachers co-operated with the students to find the ability of creating communication between their inner worlds and community. Also, teachers made their students to interchangeably deal with the inner worlds. Regarding to the mentioned believes, the whole instructors of this departments functioned their lessons in the classes to grow up students critical thinkers. Actually making students to critically think is very hard but our teachers made this process very easily for the students only based on some technical questions. For instance, who is an active and fluent reader in every subjects? Surely, students answer this question quickly that each of us want to be active and fluent reader. Moreover, EAP teachers stimulated students to practically work in every subjects. We had many extraordinary students that they had the ability of criticizing others idea very logically.

Thirdly, growth of literary criticizing on students were another big achievement for the teachers from the last year. Our students not only criticized someone’s life and written texts in the community but also they corrected them very logically. Totally, this department has a wide range of achievements from the last year. Fortunately, the hard workings of the teachers were annotated very positively. Duet to the teachers’ gallant and hardworking some active and very talented students were accepted in many international schools in Japan and America. All above mentioned issues were designed only with two or three simple questions; such as, how to create relationship with our community? What are your responsibilities as a talented person in the society? Why freedom is a must for the human in a community? These titles and topics enabled our students to grow up better and go more forward.

Consequently, we understood from our achievements that creative teachers can come up with the creative students. Also, professional teachers are those who pave the way for their students to think critically and deeply to their inner worlds.  Overall, last year was a beneficial period of time for the EAP Department. Most of the students were accepted in most famous universities of the world, national and international debates and press conferences. Hopefully, we wish that this year also become a beneficial year for all of us.




Salam Mr Habibullah Hasanzada,

My name is Raza. I have been living in England for the past 14 years and very recently I have finished the 3rd year of university and soon to be graduated with part 1 architectural assistant (BA Hons). Like many others, I also have been a witness of Marefat’s popularity on the social media which have inspired me to write this email. I want to learn about my brothers and sisters in and around Marefat, exchange words for positive outcomes and build a bridge with them.

I want to propose something which may already be in action in which case I would love to be part of. I propose to talk live with students and staffs in Marefat to practice our oral english with them and consequently exchange ideas and understandings between us. This is could be in the form of critical thinking, general exchange of ideas and perspectives or even perhaps critical reasoning.

I’m not sure of how much this email is worth to you, but I hope to be part of a sharing community with Marefat. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


By: Raza Ghanbari

(جوزا ۱۵, ۱۳۹۶)

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