Marefat, the Hero of Kabul High Schools’ Debate.

Marefat, the Hero of Kabul High Schools’ Debate.

Marefat High School has gotten first and second positions in a debate which was fallen by Hastahay Solhe Organization among Kabul High schools.

This debate had fallen on Thursday and Friday of May 2016 in Rana University. The main purpose of this debate was familiarization of the students to the debate structures, how they can create a debate, how may they do a debate and finally how they can become a good speaker to share their knowledge and experiment with others.

There were 80 teams from different districts of Kabul city at this debate. These teams discussed a lot with each others and 16 teams were elected to have debate, from these 16 teams there were 8 teams in semi final, and then there were 4 teams. Finally in final there were two teams to discuss against each other, fortunately both of these two teams were from Marefat High School.

Shakilla Mohammadi and Zahra Yusefi from one team and Rohafza Farzam and Ahmad Zia Burhani were from other team discussing with each other at the end of the debate the team which Shakilla and Zahra were included, has gotten the first position and the team that Rohafza Farzam and Ahmad Zia Burhani were included, they become the second position.

From all allusive students in this debate, ten students became the best speakers that two of them who were (Ahamad Zia Burhani and Freshta Backtiari ) were from Marefat High School.

It was very interesting for Marefat High School students; they were found themselves, hopeful and were happy, when they heard this news, the debate panel members had chosen Sir Imran Poya and Sir Mohammad Javad Amiri the two teachers of Marfet High School as the best referee in this debate.

Marfet Civil Capacity Building Organization and the administrator of Marefat High School appreciated this achievement and congratulated to the students in their morning student’s queue program, Marfet High School Students have joined in many national and international debates in different parts of the world, for example; there was an international debate among 16 countries in Japan which Marefat high School students has gotten the second position, and it was wonderful for all Afghan people.




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