The official agreement of cooperation between the CIKU and MLA

The official agreement of cooperation between the CIKU and MLA

Monday, October 25th, 2016 marked the historical moment at Marefat High School. The official agreement of cooperation between the Confucius Institute of Kabul University and Chinese Department of Marefat Languages Academy was signed in the presence of the honorable Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Afghanistan his excellency Mr. Yao Jing.

The event was inaugurated with Marefat Anthem, performed by Marefat students. Ms. Parwana Salehi and Mustafa Behrad were the announcers of the program who welcomed his excellency Yao Jing, Mr. Lee Hui Yang, director of the Confucius Institute in Kabul University, Mr. Jao, ex-director of the Confucius Institute in Kabul University, Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Rahnaward, executive director of the Confucius Institute and Director of Chinese Department at Kabul University, and all other guests and faculty from Kabul University and the teachers and administrators of Marefat High School and Marefat Civil Capacity Building Organization

Hamid Tawakoli, the student of Chinese department was the first speaker who delivered his speech in eloquent Chinese. He talked about the reasons he has chosen to learn Chinese and what he expected from this language. “I like speaking Chinese and writing Chinese Characters. I want to learn Chinese and be a good communication bridge between Afghanistan and China” he said.

At one part of the event, two students, Ehnasanullah Jahani and Mahdi Razawe, from Marefat Chinese class performed a wonderful street dancing on the stage.

Aziz Royesh, board member and civic education teacher spoke on behalf MCCBO board of director. He termed the event as a “moment” which Marefat has “been expecting since 2009”, when the first group of Marefat graduates went to learn Chinese language at Kabul University. “Some of these students managed to open their way for scholarships to China and pursue their higher education at universities in China”, he said. According to Mr. Royesh, Islamudin, one of Marefat students, launched the first Chinese language class at Marefat. Mr. Zhao Jing Wu, the director of the Confucius Institute visited Marefat in 2011.

Mr. Royesh, pointed at Chinese language as “something more than learning new words and expression”. He termed it “as a path to a new world: a world of civilization, a world of history that goes deep in the past, and a world which has nurtured the productive and meaningful essence of the mankind and how it can manifest itself”. At one part of his speech, Mr. Royesh said: “Our students learn about the great wall, about the Chinese revolution, about the time when china was fragmented in the civil war and how they helped themselves getting rid of those times of miseries”.

Mr. Royesh looked forward for an institutional partnership between the two parties. He briefed about the background of Marefat High School, both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said: “Our focus on humanism and humanity has been the core principle and the main engine of our success so far”.

As a flashback to the past activities of Marefat High School, Mr. Royesh said: “Our school programs started with just 37 students and 8 teachers and an asset of 35000 Pakistani Rupees, equivalent to around 560 UD dollars in Kabul. Now, in 2016, we have this institution which is internationally acclaimed. We are privileged to have an energetic and inspiring team of faculties that are crossing their wisdom and knowledge as their source of power to the students.”

At one point of his speech, Mr. Royesh explained the strategic plan of Marefat for the next ten years and its dream for “expanding the programs of Marefat High School to the level of university”. He said: “We are looking forward to having the center of the Confucius Institute as one of our main departments in Marefat University. It will widen the scope of the cultural relation between Afghanistan and China”.

The next speaker of the program was his Excellency Mr. Yao Jing who expressed his apologies for coming late due heavy traffic jam. However, he termed his trip “worthwhile” and said: “I came here and found a hope. Hope for the future of Afghanistan. I found it very enthusiastic to hear those anthems recited by the students….”

Ambassador Yao Jing, touched Marefat’s motto, saying it “is comprised of five major aspects: knowledge, wisdom, equality, liberty, and awareness. And this is exactly the basic rules and principles for the success of the students in the modern world”. He praised the performance street dancing by two students of the Chinese Department.

Mr. Yao Jing talked about the importance of relation between Afghanistan and China and spoke about the history: “We learned a lot of philosophy from India. We learned a lot of philosophy from Islam”. He said that the statue of Buddha from Bamyan “is very famous in China. We have a very strong connection with Afghanistan that is through the Silk Road in the time of Buddhism”. He continued to say that: “Afghanistan is a route for our wisdom, for our knowledge, and for our philosophy”.

At one part of his speech, the Ambassador said: “With the support of your founders, with the support of your teachers, apart from the works that Confucius Institute will do, our Embassy will offer all kinds of support to Marefat School. We will invite a group of the Chinese students to visit China in your next vacation, next summer. We can arrange a study tour to China. China has very good and excellent universities. And we are already providing scholarships for the university students. Among all these excellent students who are interested in further education for their undergraduates, masters, PHDs, we mostly welcome and assure you that our government will offer your school special scholarships to study in China”.

Professor Lee Hui Yang, Director of Confucius Institute at Kabul University also delivered his remarks about the event. He said he is honored of his presence at Marefat High School and specially, happy about at the special event held at Marefat about cooperation between Confucius Institute at Kabul University and MCCBO. He also said: “Marefat High School is one of the best schools in Afghanistan that has excellent and gifted faculty like Mr. Royesh and hardworking students like you. The contract that will be signed between Confucius Institute at Kabul University and MCCBO is one of our important programs for reaching the students who are interested to learn Chinese.” He also insisted : “I believe that with mutual cooperation, the student of Chinese Department of Marefat Languages Academy will have better opportunity of learning the language and will have remarkable educational achievements.”

The event continued with the official contract of cooperation between Confucius Institute, MCCBO, and Marefat Languages Academy was signed by Mr. Zhao Jing Wu and Mr. Hussain Saramad, Mr. Mohammd Yousuf Rahnaward and Belal Ahmad Noori.

To celebrate the inauguration of the cooperation of Confucius Institute at Kabul University with Chinese Department of Marefat Languages Academy, a cake was prepared that was cut by his Excellency Mr. Yao Jing and Mr. Azizullah Royesh.

The event ended with a painted that was gifted by MCCBO to his Excellency Mr. Yao Jing.




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