General Meeting of Marefat High school teachers

General Meeting of Marefat High school teachers

The general meeting of Marefat High School Teachers was conducted on 15th July 2016. In this meeting, Riza Faramarz the principle of School talked about Marefat High School programs. He said that the school’s educational goals that prepare with the school evaluation board is acceptable to me. And he added that this is a great achievement that Marefat has conquered. According to Riza Merzayi, nobody has worked on this issue until now in Afghanistan.

Mortaza Irfan the Head of Evaluation Board presented the complete report of the evaluation board activities, and pointed out some problems and shortcomings which were faced in the first round of the examination. He added that evaluation board is ready to conduct a standard, transparent and accountable examination. He also mentioned of the educational goals and added that educational goals exist for each and every subject and lesson that so far it reaches to around 21,000 goals.

Mohammad Riza Faramarz the principle of school reported about the situation of students’ education, the student’s examination and parent-teacher meetings and their suggestion to the teachers of Marefat High School. He also presented the result of comparative tests of each level, teachers, and department to the colleagues. He added that the Pedagogy meeting in which the system of giving examination is discussed will be conducted as soon as possible.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Royesh a member of MCCBO, talked on behalf of the MCCBO and said: “Board of Managers look to all personnel and teachers of Marefat High School as a member of associate team. He added; “I want from my colleagues not to suffice their jobs only on teaching of school’s subjects and regulation set for you by the Marefat High School administration, but they have to encourage students, make them creative, and give them morale of asking questions, so that they will find themselves as part of educational process”.


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