Marefat Students’ Trip to India

Marefat Students’ Trip to India

Beside the 11th Global Youth Peace Fest, Marefat Students had participated in an exchange program in Carmel Convent School and Gurukul Global School in India leaded by Emran Poya, one of the Marefat High School’s teachers.

Global Youth Peace Fest which is an annual ceremony of peace taking place in Chandigarh, India. This year, for the first time Emran Poya with the cooperation of Yuvasatta, the main organizer of Global Youth Peace Fest brought the 10 school students from Marefat High School, Kabul, Afghanistan together with Carmel Convent School and Gurukul Global School for an exchange program in India. The students warmly welcomed by the local families and host students. In order to help the Marefat Students gel well with the students of Carmel and Gurukul, they have invited them to attend regular classes along with their respective host students. Marefat students eagerly interacted with the teachers as well, who were pleased to welcome the guests. The Marefat students also quickly made themselves at home and enjoyed their stay tremendously at Carmel and Gurukul. The students were full of appreciation for the Carmelites and were in awe of the school infrastructure. In the evenings, the host families entertained the guests by not only treating them to various Indian delicacies, but also by celebrating their birthdays. The days were packed with a spectrum of activities ranging from visits to Heritage sites of Chandigarh as well as familiarization with Indian culture. The Marefat students keenly indulged in shopping for traditional Indian articles and were especially delighted to buy Indian silk series.

On the Second day of exchanging program, Emran Poya the leader of Marefat students, visited the Carmel school and Gurukul School. In order to hear from these two schools’ teachers about the Marefat students attended in these two schools. The teachers of both schools happily appreciated the eagerness and intelligence of Marefat students and their willingness to education and learning new things. The director of Gurukul School welcomed the Marefat teacher’s within two hours program where Emran Poya has talked, and firstly thanked the Gurukul family for hosting the Marefat students. Moreover, he asked the Gurukul Students to share their ideas about their guest students and what they have learned from Marefat students within this program, and video conferences we previously had on the world earth day and world culture diversity day through Skype.

After the two days attending school, Marefat School students came together with the rest of 250 participants from over 60 countries attended 11th GYPF. In order to share the students’ experience of participating in an exchanging program, their staying with the local families, attending schools, Emran Poya, the leader of Marefat student asked to an Interview in Radio Mrichi, Chandigarh.  The night of this day, all participants gathered to welcome Mr.Douglas Ragan Chief Youth and Livelihood at UN habitat in GYPF 2016, where Emran Poya was one of the Young Ambassadors for change that asked to honor Mr. Ragan with the symbol of peace, and also has asked to share his own experience leading the school students in 11th GYPF. The same, one of Marefat student beyond of all the 10 students has shared his vision and idea what he has learned and what he is going to achieve in the future. He highly appreciated and found this program so useful for school students.

Marefat students actively got part in all parts of the 6 days program like, cleaning project, meeting with the Chief executive of Shimla state, candle lightening for peace, empowering girls empowering world workshop, youth leadership summit. And finally they all warmly honored for the reason of their active participation by the organizers with the Gandhi’s statue and some other gifts at the end of this fest.


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