Painting Competition in Marefat High School

 Painting Competition in Marefat High School

The Students Competition Association of Marefat High School (SCAOMS) prepared a competition between the students of this school on Thursday, 13th June 2016.

۷۰ students took part in this competition from different classes of the school. The students also had the same competition before, which was hosted by Tavana’s Association. The main purposes of these competitions are discovering abilities of the students.

After analyzing the competition, teachers of different subjects like painting, music, arts and professions received the results and tried to have more helps with the students. Every extra program except the school’s main programs are created in order to discover and improve the students’ special abilities.

Mr. Naem Joybari and Mr. Kamen, the teachers who were analyzing the paintings of students in the last competition, announced that Mobina from eight grade has received the first position, Lina and Nargis, from 6th grade, have received the second positions, Freshta from 6th and Fatima from 9th grades have received the 3rd positions.


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