Robaba and Her First Day at School

Robaba and Her First Day at School

Can you imagine, a girl who has never been to school, suddenly appears as a hero in front of 3400 students for the first time after 16 years of her life?

Robaba is the girl who is not only beautiful but also brave and intelligent, however she is a defective girl, her hands and legs don’t work, she cannot walk or even carry a paper or a pen with her hands. Although she can draw very well, no one is able to draw like her in all over the world. The most amazing thing to know is that she loves school but she has never been to school her entire life. She lives in the west side of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Marefet High School has recently found out that Robaba is interested in poems and arts; she can say poems and draw wonderful pictures, and has interesting poems and beautiful paintings.

Aziz Roaish, who is a member of (MCCBO) Marfet Civil Capacity Building Organization, invited Robaba to Marfet High School to introduce her to all students. She was supposed to come with her mother and uncle at 7:00 A.M. to Marefat High School queue program and share her memories with all Marefat students. Unfortunately, she arrived a little late. When she arrived all students were in their classes. But Aziz Roaish, Riza Faramarz, the principle of Marefat High School, and Jallil Tajlill, the head of culture & information department of Marefat High School, went with her to all the classes of Marefat High school.

Robaba visited all parts of the school including; kindergarten, the gallery, and the Teaching Assistance Department of school. All teachers and students of Marefat High School encouraged her a lot.

The kindergarten students sang songs for Robaba and turn she read a poem from one of her paintings to the students. Her poem was this; “How good of a painter am I? I draw swank, I draw sigh, I draw the pain but I have not become that good of a painter to desist from people.

Students wanted Robaba to continue her paintings and added that Robaba is a good example of those who have great abilities. They called her,” the symbol of effort and toleration”. Also, they thanked Robaba’s parents for what that they have done for their daughter.

These are what the students were saying when they saw Robaba with her strong abilities, a student said, “Robaba is the sign of success in my life” and another student from another class said,” I am very happy and excited to have the strong Robaba in my class and I am proud of her as a girl. All the students were sharing their memories from first familiarization with Robaba through T.V and Facebook.

Robaba said, “I am very happy too that I am here among you friends. This is my first day at school in my whole life and everything is new to me.  Thank you from your wonderful welcome”. Also, she added, “diamonds shine from being shaved, but humans shine from effort.”

Robaba said to 12th grade students, “You have to try a lot in order to reach on your own favorite subject of universities and I would be very happy to see you graduate from universities. You are very lucky that you are healthy, you have healthy bodies, you study in the best high school in Kabul, try to use your time as well as possible.

Robaba said that her last year’s memory from her sweet mother was that her mother went more than five times to bring a wheel chair from responsible organizations, but unfortunately she came back empty handed. Now that they know Robaba is a painter and a poetess, they say that we are proud of Robaba. This was very painful for the students.

Robaba’s paintings are shown by her uncle via tablet in some of the classes. Unfortunately, she couldn’t visit all the classes of Marefat High School.

(MCCBO) is going to show all Robabas’ paintings and poems to all students through a special program in Marefat High School, and Robaba will talk in front of all students about her paintings.

Aziz Royesh said, “We will create a special program for Robaba’s painting improvement. In this program all students will share their knowledge with Robaba and vice versa.”

At the end, Aziz Royesh promised to Robaba that he will find a scholarship for her improvement in painting in his next journey in America. “There are many schools and universities that work in arts in America and I will try to talk with anyone who works in arts.” Also, he said to Robaba, “It is very important for you to continue your painting and artistic activities. With these strong abilities you are not only the pride of Afghan girls, but also you are a good example of hope and inspiration for all girls all over the world. If anyone sees you, they will say this is a true human being and a miracle of human being.”


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