Spelling Bee at Marefat High School

Spelling Bee at Marefat High School

The National Spelling Bee was formed in 1925 as a consolidation of numerous local spelling bees, organized by Courier- Journal in Louisville in Kantaki America. Frank Neuhauser won the first National Spelling Bee held that year, by successfully spelling “gladiolus”.  The spelling Bee has been held every year except for 1943- 1945 due to world war 2th. Later, the E.W Scripps Company acquired the rights to the program. The bee is held in late May and/ or early June of each year. It is open to students who have not yet completed the eighth grade, reached their 15th birthday, nor won a previous National Spelling Bee. As its’ goal is educational, Marefat High Schools’ second languages department, especially we the English teachers of this department wanted to know how many students will show interests in Spelling Bee? How many students will participate and how may they go on in Spelling bee?

We started our Spelling Bee competition by writing of an announcement to persuade students and having an evaluation. On that announcement we wrote that (English teachers of Marefat High School want to choose the best speller of English language in a Special Spelling Bee Program, students from 8th – ۱۱th grade who want to become the best speller in school can register his/her names by Hassanzadah “The Head of Second Languages Department” we announced the start of program on Saturday October 17, 2016. by the time we made  a five – member team of English Teachers like; Habibullah Hasanzada, Reza Rashedi, Hussain Mehtarkhil,  Abdullah Nikzad and Jawid Jafari that they could help and  give information about Spelling Bee rules to the students.

On the other hand, when our students got aware of our Spelling Bee program, they became happy and were asking many questions from Spelling Bee team. They were interested a lot although we didn’t expect this too much willingness, and it was really amazing. In one day we registered around 600 students, as the amount of students were a lot, we wanted from English teachers to give a test at their classes. Then, we could register only 3 best spellers from each class. Finally, we accepted 150 students including boys and girls in our first round Spelling Bee.


۱st Round of Spelling Bee

Marefat High School Spelling Bee team has formed the first round Spelling Bee competition by co-operation of Tawana Association (A group of Marefat High School students who works to help other students in school).

We, the Spelling Bee team of school gave 300 words on October 18, 2016 to the students; they had five days to study for the test. On October 23, 2016 we had spelling bee test. The students were really well and it’s better to say they were excellent on the test, we were asking five words from each student; they were allowed to spell the words based on Spelling Bee rules.  It seemed that students were well prepared for the test, most of them failed in their fifth words by missing only one letter in a word.  From 150 students, 27 students (6 girls and 21 boys) could pass the test and reached to the second round of Spelling Bee.

۲nd Round of Spelling Bee

Second round of Spelling Bee at Marefat High School conducted on November 3, 2016 with 27 Spellers. At this round it was really hard for students because they had 200 new words for spelling and only they had two days for getting preparation for second round Spelling Bee test. We thought that two days are not enough time to memorize the 200 words, but students did well. When they came to the test, 13 students (five girls and eight boys) could successfully pass the test and others were failed on their fourth and fifth words. Now, we are going ahead for the 3rd round. Finally, for the first time in this round we and Tawana Association are going to have a special program at school in order to select the best speller of 2016 Spelling Bee.

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