How to Motivate Students

How to Motivate Students

Emran Poya

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Getting education is a long-term process. Some students succeed and never give up. But some students surrender and leave the path. Whereas, they know the importance of education but they are not patient enough to tolerate the hardship of this convoluted and long journey. For these kinds of student there are some ways to motivate and inspire them in order to convince them not to leave school or university.

To motivate the students not to leave their studying is to change their attitude. Thus, we need to feed their minds with positive thoughts. If we change their thought about education, we could change their attitude. Positive thoughts propel the person toward success. Moreover, the parent or teachers can build the positive attitude of students by teaching them to be optimistic. Being optimistic helps the student look at the sunny side of everything. In addition, the teachers or parent also can teach them how to build a habit of doing things now. Humans are naturally procrastinator. The habit of postponing propels the youth toward failure and it is a negative attitude. When students postpone their duties or studies, at first it seems enjoyable. Therefore, the teacher or parents should teach them to commence doing of the things right now and live in the present. Later on, it will become as their habit. They will do everything on time at the present.

Commitment is also the factor for inspiring youth. In addition, Integrity and wisdom are two pillars on which we can build and keep commitment. Students are not taught in school about these things. Some teachers may personally teach or share with their students when their students do not make any progress. This can take place just as advice, but the students are advised enough at home. Bu we need to teach them how to bring these factors from thought into action. The will not always stay inspired if they do not practice regularly the mention factors to be committed.  Integrity and wisdom both need to be practiced and practically should be shown in the students’ behavior. The parents or anyone else who is responsible for the student need to practice every day in order to get the student committed.

To close the chapter, I would like to tell both parents and teachers that your children/student can culminate to summit of their goals’ mountain if you practice the mentioned factors with them in order to impulse students and bring them in the right path which is called the education path.

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