I am a woman!

I am a woman!

Farzana Rezaie (12th “A”)

۲۰ میزان ۱۳۹۵

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Arianna and Khorasan and all got birth from me. My roving and the silence of my tears reconcile me with my destiny. It was a long time that prosperity had gone like a refugee-bird miles away from my life time, whirling the cruel and dark cloud.

I was exhausted of all miseries, torture and beatings, suppressions, and brutal rapes of them.

It was not a long time that the heart of my tears was broken, the cottage of my dreams lost in a dreadful forest of life time.

It was not long the freshness of rain no longer refreshed my heart , my prosperity and my smile had flew away ,harbored to self-immolation , suicide and venom eating and…..!  If the sadness would release me from its deadly shadow, and I laughed in my heart, but I forgot that I am FARKHONDA, AISHA and ROKHSHANA. Immolation is my right, violation is my punishment, stoning is my destiny and nose cutting is the tradition. So, I am woman, being far from my mother is my destiny and my nocent and fault is admiring love, should I be bitten?

Far from being his daughter and the word emotion is lour to me. Though my heart needs its caress, until it blesses me the memorial coast. But he sold me to an old man as himself; cruel, emotionless, and epicurean and ….. ! These were all, my life time moments.

There was not shine of the light anymore, just a candle was burning and I was dropping away with it.

Till now, like ROKHSHANA and AISHA I was bearing and burning. But today is not my yesterday. My today is as beautiful as the birthday of an amethystine flower. It is me full of perfume and light of hopes in a dark and shadow day.

Hopefully, I break the surrounding wall of brutality around myself. Passing from this bloody red line is not easy. My interpretation from eternal life is a peaceful life. Because I am the woman like FARKHONDA, and I am SEYAH SAR, who is the ocean of emotion and hundreds of hopes that will rise from the cage of heart and will shine in all hearts. Finally, I am the woman who is life.


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