If I die what will happen?

If I die what will happen?

  Nadira tallayee, 9th “A”

۱۵ میزان ۱۳۹۵

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I was sitting in my room alone, and thinking about this question. If I die what will happen. It was my first time that I was thinking about it. So I started to think and imagine about it. It was really a hard work but I could do that.

Now, you should also think that I died .it will be good to start from our home to see how its satiation is, as I entered in the room oh, you can’t believe everyone was quiet, scared and sad .everyone in everyplace and everything could feel it. Do you know what? The lack of me especially for my family, people and my country. My mother had not cooked anything, so I was not there to say don’t mix onion with the food. My elder sister Rahila whose book was near her. I was not there to hide her book because she had not helped with me. The room was very cold but there Heart was colder than it. All our family members were there but just I was not there. Who can believe this, that noisy home has changed in a pokey place. The home situation would be painful.

If I decided to get out of the home and would go to our school” Marafat”. So it would be somehow unusual. Our school was also quiet. It was morning meeting program and someone was reading holy Quran. Suddenly I saw my picture on the wall and under of my picture it was written that ‘‘Nadira ‘’Tallayee’’ a disappointed adult in her live. Oh something is wrong here, at first I am not adult and also I had never failed in my quiz, and it was somehow illogical for me. Little by little I was feeling hopeless, it wasn’t a good idea to die, because I was a daughter for a beautiful mother, I was as a sun for my people, and as a president for my country and our people. I was the sun of their lives, and I was as a shiny star in the dark sky of Afghanistan. Just I was their hero and I promised for them to become a good president and make Afghanistan a better place for living, but now I wasn’t there to help them and help them.

Everyone knows me as the symbol of sun, hope, happiness and change. I was stronger than that everyone was thinking. I wanted to become a president, so it was not good for me to die. After this time, I decided to never imagine this, be alive for achieving my goals, and to see the Afghanistan as an advanced and safe country one day.

Don’t doubt on me that one day I will come to change here.

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