MCCBO (Marefat Civil Capacity Building Organization) is a realization of a civilized, democratic, liberal, progressed and developed Afghanistan with a vibrant civil society. Promoting civil education among Afghan citizens, putting an end to violence against women and children and violation of their rights and civil rights of all the Afghan citizens.
– Promoting civil education among the local community people.
– Raising awareness about the women and children’s rights among the local community people in a bid to put an end to violation of women and      children’s rights.
– Promoting cultural, racial and religious tolerance and diversity.
– Protecting the minorities rights of existence, education and other civil rights as prescribed in the country’s constitutions and international conventions  obliging the Afghan Government in this regard.
Short Introduction:
MCCBO began its work in 1994 under Marefat High School in Pakistan. The school’s curriculum stressed civic education with focus on Humanism, human rights and democracy. In 2002, the school moved from exile to Afghanistan, and registered as an NGO under the name of Civil Development Foundation (CDF).
With a decision to focus more fully on civic education, most of the CDF staff began work at Marefat High School in different positions. The school provided the faculty with a good context in which the idea of civic education and engaged citizenry could be applied to bring about change at the community level. For example, as a result of MCCBO’s civic awareness programs, female students of Marefat High School played a crucial role in calling for the amendment of the controversial 2009 Shi’ite Personal Status Law, which would have severely restricted women rights and freedoms. The support of the community for the school’s civil and democratic activities indicates the effectiveness of the methods used by the faculty and staff to bring about change in the vision and behaviors of the community.
MCCBO is registered as a non-benefited, non-political and civic educational NGO in the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance to provide educational and civic educational services for the community
MCCBO currently consists of Marefat High School, Voice & Video, Music, Radio Marefat, English, Korean and etc. while the bulk of this organization’s activities is based on educational activities that provides services for the youths in the community in terms of music, voice and video, radio, computer and radio training.
About 3000 students have enrolled in Marefat High School operating under the umbrella of MCCBO who are also engaged in other civic educational programs and activities acting like scouts.
Activity Area:
– Civic Education
– Private Education
– Literacy Programs
– Radio Marefat
– Music training and orchestrate
– Computer and radio training
Activity Location:
Kabul City
(Expanding according to the projects fitting to the framework of MCCBO’s activities)