Marefat English Department

Marefat English Department

Habibullah Hasanzada, Head of English Department

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Last years this department was a mixed department under the title of (Second Languages Department) or EAP Department that included English, Arabic and Pashto Languages but now, as an English Department we specialize that EAP at the real meaning (English for Academic Purposes). Pashto and Arabic Languages

Marefat English Department are joined with the two another departments. Pashto joined with the Dari and Arabic joined with the Cultural Department.  Currently, based on the latest classifications there are nine different departments predicted for 2016. As it is mentioned, totally there are nine departments at Marefat High School. Such as, Department of English Language, Cultural, Mathematics, Literature & Arts, Social Science, Natural Science, Preschool Department and two more departments for Primary School level. The aim of this departmentalizing is working in a team or a group rather than the individual works. Working in a team means that all strengths and weak points belong to every employee not only one. In this case, the role of all heads of the above departments are guiding and directing of other members. The Department of English Language at Marefat High School comprises a range exciting and focused programs across English Language. Moreover, the English Department of Marefat High School has a wide range of English programs which enables students to develop their own English levels by the support and guidance of expert and tailored instructors.

This department has six official members that includes; Habibullah Hasanzada, Abdullah Nikzad, Muhammad Reza Rashidi, Ummol Banin Khawari, Miss Farah Sakhi Mirdadi and Miss Karima Mirdadi. Habibullah Hasanzada is as the head of this mentioned department. We work together and co-operate with each other to pave the way for students to learn better. Our teaching at both primary and secondary level spans the whole of the activities and practical tasks of English studies from the grade four up to the twelve. Students will gain a solid base for the study of English Language, while having the opportunity to specialize. We draw on a variety of different methodological perspectives, encouraging students to discover new approaches and to develop their responses and language skills. This equips our students with the key skills and independent thinking that makes them to be involved in international scholarships.

Also, this department with the expert teachers are supposed to work hard and pave the ground for the students who are looking for scholarships and international debates. High level of students are encouraged to take part in debates, conferences. Willingly, it is our desire for our students to have the opportunity to participate in annual department conferences and debates for capacity development.

In addition, students are taught in lectures and seminars, as well as small tutorial groups and one-to-one supervisions. Our formal teaching is complemented by exciting programs of public lectures, researched seminars, and reading by renowned writers. Also, we have plan to design extraordinary teaching materials beside teaching books; such as, soft (audio & video) and hard materials (papers, handouts ….etc). Our high school program is broad-based and varied arising from the demands of the subject, the needs and wishes of our students and our researched interests and specialism. We are willing to offer a wide range of modules, giving students the opportunity to study a wealth and diversity of subjects and texts within English language. Our students regularly will testify to the quality of our teaching, and we pride ourselves on our very supportive and hands – on culture of teaching and learning.

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