Marefat English Language Program (MELP)

Marefat English Language Program (MELP)


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Executive Summary:

Marefat English Language Program (MELP) has around a decade experience in the area of providing students and faculties with English Language Training and Capacity Building program services. Since 2005 the primary goal of MELP has been to ensure a sustainable intellectual and academic environment in Marefat High School by introducing the most updated and innovative English language teaching methodologies and academic materials produced and approved by English Language Academicians. The curriculum and teaching methodologies designed and developed by MELP evolved since 2005, encompassing empirical studies and researches on different English Language Teaching Systems; like Streamline, Headway, Marefat English Language Curriculum & Interchange.

Currently for the 2016-2017 academic year, MELP is using the Interchange system for the General Classes, MELP Curriculum for the Special Classes & Online-Digital Curriculum for the TOEFL preparation and Writing Seminar Classes. For the academic year of 2016-2017, MELP & Academic Advising Program for Scholarships (AAPS) has jointly initiated a program for introducing High School, Undergraduate and Graduate applicants for international schools, universities and conferences in USA, Japan, Korea, Kirghizstan, China, India and many more countries. Through this new program scholarship applicants both from Marefat High School community and other schools in Afghanistan are offered consultation and training services for improving their English Language Proficiency Skills and for passing the entrance tests for scholarship opportunities.

MELP & AAPS Strategic Vision:

The strategic vision is set for creating and introducing an international languages academy in the name of “Marefat International Languages Academy-MILA” where international tests for English language like ETS authorized tests: TOEFL PBT/IBT, GRE, GMAT, CAT & SAT are administrated and trainings for Chinese, French, Russian, Arabic, Korean, German and other international languages are offered on a highly academic bases. In this academy the primary goal of teaching English Language skills will develop to the strategic goal of research trainings and professional development programs for serving the most pressing business and academic needs of the society. Moreover, the students and faculty are highly encouraged and motivated to strive for joining and competing on an international level in the global job market. The maximum growth potential for this academy will create the potential for recruiting students and faculties not only from all the provinces of Afghanistan but also from diverse cultural and academic countries from international community.

Introducing the Faculty:

Farida Bahar Royesh

MELP & AAPS Program Manager

farida (2)


Farida Bahar Royesh is a graduate of English Access Program from Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. She has studied Economics in Kabul University & Kateb University. Currently she is a Scholarship Adviser & TOEFL Trainer at Marefat High School and a Manager for the AAPS & MELP. Farida Bahar also serves as president for the Marefat Alumni Association (MAA) and Research Group for Afghanistan (RGA).


Azizullah Rezai

MELP Director

& English Language Instructor

‘He is a co2mputer engineer; He is an instructor in Marefat English Language Program now. He started teaching English in 2007 and he has been teaching English for 8 years in different centers in Quetta, Pakistan and Kabul, Afghanistan. He graduated from high school in 2011 and from Computer Science Faculty of Kateb University in 2016.

Objective in practical life:

He brings to the work environment relevant experience gained over a period of time, a diverse portfolio of skills and competencies including but not limited to the following, English and computer and management. He has carried out his job in
sometimes-difficult conditions working competently and effectively when under pressure. He considers himself to be reliable and motivated.


Laila Azizi

English Language Instructor

I am Laila Azizi, one of MELP instructors. I was born in Pakistan and I studied my primary lessons there. When returned to my country, I continued my 3lessons and finished my remaining grades at Marefat High School. Besides the lessons of school, I learned English language at English Access Micro Scholarship Program sponsored by the US Embassy in Kabul. In 2014, I successfully passed my 12 grade and the Kankor exam. Now I study at the faculty of Computer Science in Kabul University. During my school years in Marefat, I learned many other programs; for instance, photography, film making program and many other computer programs.

 Objective: “If you want to learn something, it is no excuse.”


Marzia Azizi

Special Speaking Class Instructor


This is Marzia Azizi, an instructor at MELP (Marefat English Language Program). I was born in 23th of December, 1996 in a small city of Pakistan called Parachinar. I completed my primary level grades in Pakistan and continued the intermediate one in a public school named Chehel Dukhtaran High School, located in Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2011, for my secondary school, I joined Marefat High School. After 4 years, in 2014, I graduated from Marefat High School. Moreover, with 322 score in Kankor test I was
succeed to achieve my favorite field, Journalism and now it is my second semester at Kabul University. Besides, in 2012, I was graduated both from MELP and English Access Micro Scholarship Program sponsored by the US Embassy. Since the same year, I have started my beloved part time job as an English Instructor at MELP and Access Micro Scholarship Program.

Objective: ‘’With learning English doors of opportunities will be opened towards you”


Mehdi Mirdadi

Incumbency: English language Teacher


Mehdi Mirdadi is teaching English at Marefat English Language Program for a year. He has worked as an English interpreter in Qandahar province and he has gotten experience of teaching in multiple English Language courses since 2009. He graduated high school in 2011 from Ghazi High School. After taking kankor exam he was accepted in Science faculty of Kabul University. Later on he left Kabul University and joined Ebni-e-Sina University to study Engineering in 2012. Beside studies he worked as a draftsman in Omran Holding Group. For the present time he is studying his third year of engineering faculty and he is serving the society by teaching English. He looks forward to do his portion in serving his country any way possible.




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