Marefat High School

In 1994 Marefat High School started its first educational programs with the name of “Afshar Elementary School” in Rawalpindi Pakistan and continued its works till 1997 under this name. In 1997 the name of school was changed to Marefat High School through a proposal suggested by Hafizullah Abram & Najibullah Soroush, and authorized by Dr. Anwar Yosoufi & Azizullah Royesh. In 1998 the school received a membership of “The Education Committee for Afghans” located in Islam Abad, Pakistan. In spring 2002 Marefat High School preserved one of its branches in Rawalpindi, shifted all other programs to Kabul, Afghanistan and started its educational activities in a small building located in Pol e Khusk, Dasht e Barchi. In winter 2002 the school was shifted to another building in Naqash Station and in spring 2003 the new branch of that was opened in a building in Qala e Nazir.

In winter 2003 Marefat High School started the programs in its own new building located in Gulestan e Marefat in Kabul, 13th Provincial District. All the educational and rehabilitation programs of the school, from 1st grade to 12th grade, were centered in this building.

The new building of Marefat High School is located in an area with 2500 square meter wide which has all the adequate educational and training facilities and equipment. Therefore the school directs a wide variety of programs available not only for serving its educational and rehabilitation purpose but also for capacity building, civic and cultural programs which in return provides the school with high social reputation and recognition. In 2005 Marefat High School received its accreditation letter from Afghanistan Ministry of Education under the rules of private and non-governmental schools. In 2006 all the school credits were transferred to the Marefat High School Social Counsel and later on this counsel was registered with the legal identity of a non-profit organization in the Afghanistan Ministries of Finance, Education and Justice.

Till 2012 almost 100% of Marefat High School eight graduate classes got admissions into the country universities. It was in 2011 that based on Ministry of Education’s evaluation, Marefat High School got the first position among all the private schools in Kabul city. Also in the Public Universities General Examination of 2011 & 2012 Marefat High School graduates achieved the highest level of success for entering the public universities in the country.

Till 2012 more than 82 students of Marefat High School won scholarships from Ministry of Higher Education for pursuing undergraduate programs as well as for attending short term and long term training programs. Marefat High School graduates are currently students of different universities in USA, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Mongolia, South Korea, Malaysia and Russia.

In 2012 Marefat high School Social Council was transferred to Marefat Civil Capacity Building Organization (MCCBO) and all the credits were transferred to this non-governmental and non-profit organization. In addition to the educational and rehabilitation programs in Marefat High School, Academic Advising Program for Scholarships, Marefat Alumni Association, Marefat English Language Program, Women and Adult Literacy program, Radio Station, Monthly Educational Magazine, Music department, Art Gallery, Film Making, Photography and Library departments are also active in the MCCBO where many students and professionals are employed.