Marefat English Language Program

Marefat English Language Program
Date 2016/01/03
Location Kabul, Afghanistan
Sponsor Ma'refat Organization


Marefat English Language Program has proudly dedicated its 13th Term for those bright students who escorted us till the end of the successful term. It has to be said that the superb preparation of our staff and time-devotion of responsible teachers transferred a message of ‘hardships and devotion’.
In this term because, under the supervision of Management of MELP and Royal Committee our term started with commitment to praise students therefore a program so-called ‘Prize Distribution Ceremony’ was held. This program included appreciation segments for teachers, students and parents who are the backbone of today’s Marefat English Language Program.
At the very beginning of the program the recitation of the holly verses set the program to move on. Later tableau group ‘Butterfly group’ came to bring a momentum with mashed-up Hazaragi melody prepared by MELP Royal Committee. Afterwards our talented debaters came to talk about the ignited title ‘Can education guarantee a bright future?’ & ‘Do video games cause bad behavior in children’s mind?’ three talented debaters of the occasion delivered their opinions and on the other hand respected panels judged them according to fluency, accuracy, focal points, counter-body-language and voice intonation. The best Debater of the 13th term was announced with great joy and celebrations.
Contestants according to ranking:
Subsequently in the presence of honorable Financial Administration, Information And Culture Department, Human Resource Department, Representatives and Teachers of school, ATs students of TOEFL ibt preparation completed their first combined-class for two months preparatory experience, were awarded Certificate of Completion in authorization of MCCBO Executive Director and praiseworthy English Instructors of MELP were honored Certificate of Appreciation because of their efforts and struggle.
Though English language program of Marefat has made commitment to create specular English language environment, here an example of demonstrated the commitment in this Term when Miss. Jamila of Module 1 class sang a song in English language. And her performance on the stage brought everyone into surprise due to her energetic song.
Song title: Count on me
Music: Music studio of Marefat
Singer: Miss. Jamila of Module 1
Parents Award
Parents are relatively vital decision maker of one family. It is their right to take decent decision of their children when it comes to indication of study. Marefat English Language Program considered a special gift for Best Parents Award and fortunately a mother who came always for asking her daughter’s improvement in study was awarded as Best Parents Award in 13th Term. This precious moment is counted always as a great achievement of MELP students because this is parents who trust Marefat to work on their children to be greater than before.
At the ending part of the program
Each student had impressed their teachers through their punctuality, consistency, high-moral and top score in 13th Term. MELP Management awarded all students who got top score in their classes. It happens, when students get the idea to utilize and understand the value of time.
Extracurricular competition such as, Quiz Competition, Word-search Competition, Spelling-bee Competition had greater role to play in 13th Term. All winners of different classes got the top position and prizes of best performances by students were largely applauded in this session.
A message by the Director of MELP
‘An astounding future is waiting for our young generation. They can generate a bright tomorrow because of current resources. Our life of English language is not going to an end; it will grow every time with necessities.’

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