Students’ Debate

Students’ Debate
Date 1395/03/30
Location لیسه عالی معرفت
Sponsor موسسه ارتقای ظرفیت مدنی معرفت


A Chance for Brilliancy

Marefat High School was witness of the second student’s debate that was conducted by the help of Cultural, Social Science Departments, Culture and information Assistance, Student’s Council and Tawana Student’s Association on Sunday June 19, 2016.

The title of this debate was (Moral or Law) which ones are more effective for the social secure? There were twelve students at this remarkable debate that were divided in two groups of moral and law for the discussion. These twelve students had been selected among many volunteers in a competition program for two times evaluations, indeed, they were participated in debate.

The guider of this program was Asif Muhajir, who is the head of Cultural Department, introduced and started the debate by an introduction. Also, he paved the way for the discussion with this introduction, “Throughout the world communities are usually legalized based on the history development. We cannot find any country without the constitution.

The Constitution which is officially created by the sources and associations, has a prominent advantage which is its discernible, generality and it is applicable to all.  There is interpellation from the responsible people for those who commit crimes. It is may possible for many people who do not have interests to do positive things or they are motivated to be pessimism but they face with law limitations and they couldn’t do according to their willingness.

This debate is divided in two parts; one parts is group of moral that they believe moral is human phenomena and it always discussable as an internal capacity throughout the communities. Also, it has effected on the way how to communicate people. There are many academic and philosophic schools that always struggle that how to guide the community toward moralization in order to create human community with moralized and safe communications. Mainly, some educational systems are defined their tasks based on community moralizing. As moral is pervasive, it includes private and individual people’s lives and as well as includes generalized and social relationships. According to moralizers’ view, the desirable and good law is that to have moral foundation. The context for the law acceptance is created in a community when it is a moral community. Executives reconcile the law equally and as a need when they have moral commitments.

Today at this debate, we concentrate more to this subject to find out which one is more effected to secure common discipline on sustainable society. This issue is followed at this republican debate.

So, the debate’s title was discussed by law and moral groups. The law group emphasized that rule is more common, accommodated to all and as well as it’s grantee from performing. Thus, it can be more effective to the general discipline. The members of this group emphasized that there is no any problems and crowdedness to be solved by the moral advices. This is the regulation that can solve the problems and crowdedness, but the moral group by the agreement of law, mainly emphasized that the law can be desirable and acceptable which be separated from moral, believes, traditions of the society and it should be regarding to the society’s morality. The members of this group were emphasizing until the human cannot change their inner worlds, it is very hard to bring discipline by force in a society. Law is narrower than the moral. Whereas, moral has a specious range. It includes individual lifestyle and as well as social relations of the people.

At the end of the program, Asif Muhajir concluded the debate and he said that law and moral are related to each other. Both are necessary for desirable forming of safe and disciplined community. The Law can have the moral source that have more moral justifications. Beside this, ruling of the law is a supporter of the moral as well. In the continuation of the program, Aziz Royesh, as a referee representative announced the strengths and weak points of two teams at this debate and in a bit different he announced the law team as winner of the debate.

It is mentionable that this debate is the second debate which is inaugurated at Marefat High School. It was inaugurated by the students last year too.

by: Habibullah Hasanzada.


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