Zahra a Heart Broken Girl

Zahra a Heart Broken Girl

Roqia Sultani student of 7th Grade

۱۵ میزان ۱۳۹۵

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In the past, there was a family living in Iran. They were a very happy family and enjoyed from living together. There was five members in their family; father, mother, and three daughters. Farhad was the father of the family and he was an engineer. Fatima was the mother of Raihana, Somaia and Zahra. The elder sister was Raihana. She was studying in grade five. Somaia didn’t like studying but she had to go to school and she was in grade three. The youngest person in their family was Zahra, who loved books and her best friend was book. Zahra was a shy girl. She didn’t like to talk a lot with people. The only thing that she liked the most, was studying.

They were living in a very friendly situation. The father was working with lots of hopes and he believed in a bright future for his family. His aim was to work a lot and find money to see his children successfulness; without knowing that one day he will leave them. They passed many obstacles together. After one year, their mother became sick. She had heart disease. A disease with many sadnessess. When her children knew about thier mother’s illness, they felt so depressed. As everyone knows that mother is the only person who can keep you in the good way. Raihana leaved school because she had to take care of her mother and her sisters. Farhad tried a lot to cure Fatima, but he didn’t have enough money. Unfortunately, Money is the main problem of everyone’s life. Farhad was very sad and he didn’t know what to do. In hurry, he decided to leave Iran and move to Afghanistan.

You know Afghanistan is a country full of disasters. People of Afghanistan are only alive, but actually they are not living. Farhad was thinking about a better life in his own country. He wanted to start his life from the very beginning in Afghanistan. When he arrived in Afghanistan, he couldn’t find a job. Their lives became more and more in bad conditions. Poverty was bothering Farhad. After moving to Afghanistan, his life changed because he didn’t experience poverty. One night, when Farhad came to home, Somaia told him that she wanted to leave her school. Farhad couldn’t say anything. His eyes became full of tear but he kept quiet. Every moment, Somaia’sound was making Farhad exhausted.

Farhad could find a job, but its salary was not good enough. He was working in a building. He worked more than other workers to earn money. Day by day Fatima’s health became bad. She wasn’t able to cope with her illness. Unfortunately, she couldn’t continue her life. Consequently, she died from heart disease. Farhad sent Zahra to his father’s home because he didn’t want Zahra to be informed from her mother’s death. Zahra wasn’t informed from her mother’s death for five days. After five days, she came back to home and looked for her mother but she couldn’t find her mother at home. Zahra asked her father that where is her mother. Farhad said that she went to Ghazni. Zahra believed. The tomorrow of that day, Raihana was going to buy vegetable. Zahra went to bazar with Raihana. While they were buying vegetables from the shop, their neighbor came to shop and asked Raihana that how their lives are going on without mother. When Zahra heard this news, she asked that what happened on her mother. Their neighbor said Zahra that her mother was died. Zahra went out of the shop and she didn’t know where to go. She went to mosque and prayed.

After some months, Farhad got married to a woman who had a son. Her son was seven years old. Raihana and Somaia didn’t go to school but Zahra couldn’t leave studying. They were weaving rug and sold them to earn money. Farhad was working too. One month later, Farhad starting working in the building as usual. That day, the elevator fell down on Farhad. Farhad left his daughters as Fatima his wife did. After Farhad’s death, Ali brother of Farhad had to take care of his brother’s family.

Zahra was in grade six and she was the first position of her class. She was studying so hard because her uncle told her that if she didn’t get the first position, he wouldn’t let her go to school. Zahra was studying in a bad circumstances. She was wishing to see her parents in a real world not in a dream.

“A true story about my best friend’s life. She was my classmate in six grade. She taught me to live, even if anyone limit my life. It’s a long time that I didn’t see her. I always wish to see her one day.”

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